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Project: Workshop Window

Opening up a workshop wall by installing a window

A small workshop that backs onto the sea had 3 small windows with frosted glass in them. The customer wanted me to remove the frosted windows, cut a hole in the wall and install a new single window looking out over the sea – what a new view! The window was pre-ordered and custom made, so the hole had to be cut to fit within a few mm of accuracy – my speciality! Ideally you would want to order the window to fit the hole that you’ve already made but then you’d need to be without a window for a few weeks.

Two 3m concrete lintels were installed in the breeze block wall to fit a 2.6m upvc window and remortar the line of blocks above to fit the roof on again. The window was fixed with frame fixings, double glazing units installed and fixed with silicone sealant, then the frame sealed with expanding foam and then quality external frame sealant to complete the install. Having previously had no windows, the customer saw dolphins in their first week in the workshop! That was pretty satisfying to hear after all that hard work.