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Kitchen Renovation

Bristol Fixer - kitchen renovation (finished)

Transforming a kitchen with modern fixings, bold colours and a new floor A tired kitchen needed an update so I proposed moving the bulk of the kitchen to the other side of the room, enabling the basic services to be kept in similar places while moving the existing electric oven.This allowed for a full kitchen …

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Bespoke Birch-Ply Sliding Drawers

Bristol Fixer - drawers (finished)

Birch-Ply Sliding Drawer Set A set of 16 birch ply sliding drawers custom made to retrofit into an antique map sideboard. The drawers needed to be very accurately built to accommodate Hafele sliding drawer gear and result in a pleasing uniform look. Click to enlarge the pictures Each drawer is built with a biscuit jointer, …

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Floor Sanding

Bristol Fixer - floor sanding (after)

Restoring Hardwood Floors Sanding a well used floor back to a great, light modern finish. For floor sanding I hire professional equipment as well as use my own detail sanders – A good finish can’t be achieved without professional sanders. The key is to be patient, spending time on the initial course sanding, especially for …

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Hidden Door Bar

Bristol Fixer - Hidden Door copper bar (finished)

A curved, copper-clad bar with circular details I designed and built a circular bar for the Hidden Door festival to match the Organ bar I built the previous year. This second bar was supposed to be temporary but both bars are still in use – I like to think it was too good to go!The …

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Hut Youth Project

Bristol Fixer - hut youth project - rafters up

Leading the build of a traditional timber-framed hut I was asked to design and lead the building of a traditional timber-framed hut through an initial week of intensive workshops. I was assisted by young leader Dan and youth worker Tilly at Youth Vision. After designing the basic form of the hut and pre-ordering local timber …

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Ikea Kitchen

Bristol Fixer - Ikea kitchen (finished)

Install of a modern flat-pack kitchen This kitchen makes maximum use of a small space, resulting in a great modern kitchen installed into a 130 year old flat. Complete with integrated dishwasher, washing machine, boiler and fridge. Finished with vinyl floor tiles and remote controlled under-cabinet lighting. This kitchen comes from Ikea in over 200 …

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Leith Theatre Organ Bar

Bristol Fixer - Leith Theatre organ bar (finished)

A dream design and install of a bar using an old organ I was asked to design and build the bar for the revived Leith Theatre. The brief was to build a bar for the upcoming festival with a capable artist colleague Roland – with one stipulation – that we had to use an old …

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Radiator Install

Bristol Fixer - radiator install

Replacing and moving a radiator Moving a radiator can free up space during a renovation. In this case, I took an old radiator off the wall, rerouted the 8mm microbore copper central heating pipe tails to a location on a wall beside the door and installed a vertical 40cm wide modern radiator – with satisfying …

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Workshop Window

Bristol Fixer - shed window

Opening up a workshop wall by installing a window A small workshop that backs onto the sea had 3 small windows with frosted glass in them. The customer wanted me to remove the frosted windows, cut a hole in the wall and install a new single window looking out over the sea – what a …

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Slate Roof

Bristol Fixer - slate roof

Re-slating a Traditional Roof A large job stripping the very weathered slates from a pitched roof townhouse and replacing them with Spanish slates along with roofing membrane, lead flashings, galvanised valleys, ridges and water gates. The roof had small leaks over a few years so some of the sarking boards underneath needed replaced. Some of …

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Small Bathroom

Bristol Fixer - small bathroom (after)

A full renovation of a small bathroom Many small flats with condensing boilers can remove the often already obsolete cold water tank and free up a lot of space in the bathroom, allowing for the addition of a shower, or just making the space appear much bigger. That’s what we did here, stripping the entire …

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Small Dorma Window

Bristol Fixer - small Dorma window (after)

As part of a full slate roof, I renovated this bespoke triangular loft space dorma window, dating back to about 1900, making it fully watertight and ready for another 120 years!

Walnut Kitchen

Bristol Fixer - walnut kitchen (after)

Spacious modern kitchen finished with walnut butcher block worktops, and a kitchen bought from a local joinery supplier The heavy ceramic sink, walnut worktops and deep blue units really work well in this rustic kitchen. I take care with each element and make sure everything fits together and is finished right from levelling the base …

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Clothes Dryer

Bristol Fixer - clothes dryer (finished)

A custom clothes dryer built to match the traditional design of some Edinburgh flats. Made using pine, treated and painted to last outdoors, then fitted with a pulley system and drying cords.